Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything hypnotherapy is not suitable for?

Hypnotherapy is suitable treatment for many issues but it is not advisable to seek hypnotherapy if you are suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or epilepsy. It is also not advisable if you are experiencing psychosis due to the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I feel a bit nervous and embarrassed about asking for help. Is this normal?

It is absolutely normal to feel nervous as this is a new experience for you. I am on hand to answer any questions you may have so you feel comfortable about all aspects of our work together in your sessions. I am available by phone and email to speak to you between sessions whenever you need.

Is it possible to get stuck in a trance?

This is not possible. If you have ever experienced yourself daydreaming, this is what it could be compared to. You are always in control throughout the process.

Is hypnotherapy right for me?

We will discuss the options available and decide if hypnotherapy is the best course of action. If you just want to call up for a friendly chat and ask questions about what it will involve, please feel free to do so. I am always happy to help.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We can discuss payment options together and work out a plan that offers you the flexibility you need for our sessions together.

How many sessions should I have?

I would recommend a minimum of three to four sessions to resolve the issue as this will give you more opportunity to really get to grips with the issue and finding the solution you need.

Do you offer guarantees of success?

I do not offer any guarantee for the simple reason that we work together in a partnership towards helping you find the ability to change your life situation. I am there to enable you to make the necessary changes for this to happen which means there needs to be a commitment, not only on my behalf, but from you as an individual. Your commitment to the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of your ability to create the changes you need in your life. Taking responsibility for those changes you want to make is something that can empower you towards becoming the person you want to be.

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