How do I get started?:

What is the first step?

Please feel free to give me a call for a chat or email for more information to see if cognitive hypnotherapy is the right option for you. This will give us both a chance to discuss the issue and you are under no obligation to continue if you feel another option would be more beneficial for you.

How to get the most from your sessions

Your role in bringing about positive change is instrumental in the therapeutic process. To be successful, you need to have a clear goal as to what you want to achieve. We will discuss this in our sessions together and work out an approach for you that gives you the best opportunity for change.

What will my session be like?

Sessions are uniquely tailored to you without the use of scripts so you will experience a treatment session that will be completely focused on your personal requirments. I can also offer an appointment via Skype if you are outside of London or if you have a problem attending a session.

How many sessions should I have?

This depends on the nature of the issue but usually I aim to resolve it in 3-6 sessions. This depends on how you are feeling and how well you think you are responding to treatment. We can discuss this as we go along and if you feel like you no longer need to carry on with therapy, I can refund you the remaining balance on any outstanding sessions.

How long will my session be?

A typical session will be approximately 1 hour. Your first session will last approximately 90 minutes.

What will happen once my sessions are complete?

I will give you a wordweaving mp3 download to listen to during/after our sesssions are completed. Please note your download is for your own personal use. Do not listen to your recording whilst driving, in the bath or whilst operating heavy machinery.

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