About Cognitive Hypnotherapy

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive hypnotherapy draws from NLP and positive and evolutionary psychology moulding together the best cutting edge therapeutic techniques together which are then applied to the needs of the individual. To learn more, just click here to watch the founder, Trevor Silvester explain the core elements of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

All behaviour has a positive intention:

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we believe that all behaviour has a positive intention. The unconscious mind has the important job of 'keeping you safe' which means when it comes to understanding the stress response, we sometimes behave in ways that aren't conducive to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Our unconscious mind is constantly busy processing millions of pieces of information every second. Sometimes it can make a mistake in the processing of certain information in an attempt to protect us from what it sees as potentially harmful. This has the effect of driving us towards/pushing us away from certain situations based on these calculations. If our behaviour is unconsciously driven due to pre-conditioned responses, then we may find ourselves reacting to specific events in our lives that do not serve our wellbeing and happiness.

Trance is an everyday occurrence:

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is not about losing control. At no point do you ever lose the ability to control your reactions. You may be familiar with something called a 'trance' which is a mental state we are all capable of drifting in and out of every day (think of day dreaming whilst driving a car).

Who was driving the car when you were lost in thought?

This would largely be to do with the activities of our unconscious mind. When we have practiced a certain behaviour long enough, it becomes an automatic response that resides in the unconscious part of the mind. Your attention has been able to go elsewhere as you have been driving because you know (or your unconscious mind knows) exactly what to do in order to get you home.

The trance state is something that occurs in our natural everyday state without us even being aware of what is happening. In light of this in principle as therapists working in the Cognitive Hypnotherapy model, we are guided to treat clients according to what their negative trance state is so we are working to create a solution state for the client that is a positive trance state as the desired alternative.

Approaching the individual:

As cognitive hypnotherapists, we embrace the entire model of the client's world which is also created through their past experiences as this is what has led them to the current issue they are experiencing.

We approach every client with the understanding that they have been influenced by their own interpretation of their life experiences and this is what we respect - their model of the world and how they perceive. This is what our treatment process is created around and we understand that this uniqueness is what contributes to the success of the therapeutic process.

Every client has an individual way of reacting to their issue and this is something that requires the practitioner to honour as far as treating the client is concerned. Their model of the world may not be our model of the world and this is something that we remember throughout their progress towards their solution state.

What conditions can it help?

Hypnotherapy may be able to help people improve many different aspects of their lives from being able to deal with stress more effectively to feeling happier in general. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me for a friendly chat about your requirements.

We have had great results published in the Mental Health Review Journal 2015 regarding a pilot study that was carried out regarding the benefits of cognitive hypnotherapy and 71 percent of people suffering from anxiety or depression reported themselves recovered after an average of 6 QCH sessions. This is compared to 42 percent of people using CBT and other talking therapies using the same outcome measures. You can read more about this by clicking the link here:

QCH Evidence Based Therapy

What benefits can be expected?

The benefits of hypnotherapy depend on what you want to achieve from the sessions you attend. Depending on how you want to accomplish your goal, we work together and set ourselves on a path which works for your personal needs.

About Cognitive Hypnotherapy. QCH evidence based therapy

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